Speed bump with rising kerb "Hermes"

"Speed Bump" is very simple and affordable, but at the same time reliable device in our product range. Like other our devices, this blocker can be installed right on the road surface and perform two tasks at the same time: sleeping policeman and blocker.

While not being classified as anti-ram, "Speed Bump" can be mounted without any ground- or preparatory works. So, "Speed Bump" can be fixed with ankers to concrete surface (for example, in multi-stored parking) or on the asphalt. All needed is just flat surface under the whole area of the blocker.

  speed bump

It is worth mentioning, that although this device has no anti-ram class, it is still very serious obstacle for intruder. Our devices with more complicated construction are more suitable for anti-terrorist campaigns, but "Speed Bump" will show best results providing safety to commercial or municipal objects. Such devices are widely used for car-rental parkings and public governmental institutions’ entries.

Hermes is usually been installed in pair with barrier (beam), like other blockers. Visual warning about obstacle is achieved by this (as driver can’t see the road-blocker from wind-glass, while driving closely directly to it).

Installation of separate blockers on entrance and exit is advisable for correct traffic-flow organization.

Hermes is produced in various width-versions: 1, 2, 3, 5 m. So you can assemble required width of driveway blocking by “modules” compilation. Blockers can be combined in any configuration (for example: 2+2, 2+3, 3+3+3 and so on).

Hydraulic pump, which actualizing the rising platform, is installed directly inside the device. Thus, just small electronic control-board should be installed somewhere outside (for example in security room).

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

Technical specs

Technical specs
Applying Blocking of the driveway
Protection category Without protection class
The actuating mechanism Hydraulic
Location of hydrostation Build-in
Rising height, mm 350
Dimensions in stand-by position (closed) (LxWxH) 1,2,3 and 5m х 800mm х 94mm
Weight, kg 295 (for the model 2m width)
Width of blocked driveway Unlimited (standart – 1,2,3,5 m)
The maximum load per axe up to 10 tons
Rising time (lowering time), sec 4
   Rated capacity    For a 2m version: 220 V; 1,1 kV
   For versions 3m or more: 380 V; 4 kV
  Power consumption in the starting mode   For a 2m version: 220 V; 550 V
  For a 3m version: 220 V; 1,1 kV
  Installation   On the roadbed* or road surface submerge
Temperature conditions from -35˚C to +50˚C
  * in case of installation on roadbed, ramps should be installed

Standard models

   Speed bump 1 m    AUIA K-351
   Speed bump 2 m    AUIA K-352
   Speed bump 3 m    AUIA K-353
   Speed bump 4 m    AUIA K-355

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