TiSO Company produces anti-rams of three types:
1. Anti-ram class К4 or М30-Р1 acc. to ASTM F2656-07 classification;
2. Anti-ram class К8 or М40-Р2 acc. to ASTM F2656-07 classification;
3. Special “narrow” anti-ram, only 300 mm wide, two class anti-ram properties to choose from.

Our devices are extremely serious obstacles able to stop intruders on ram attempt.


This equipment has shown great results for banks, big office centers, governmental objects, railway crossings, airports, NPP and etc.

All devices are equipped with protection curtain, which prevents penetration of outside objects under the platform, and also keeps the internal of the anti-ram from unpermitted access.

Anti-ram, AUIA-300

It should be noted, that hydraulic actuator is located in special box (hydrostation) and if there is security requirements of project, this box should be installed on protected territory.

Anti-ram, AUIA-323

Installation of road blockers contains phases of reinforcement cage arrangement and installation of road-blocking device. Both of these stages don’t require significant qualification and are executed according to attached schemes, drawings and instructions. Reinforcement cage and concrete works are made from local materials, that significantly reduces the cost of whole project realization.

Anti-ram, ASECNA, Dacar

Ares and Heracles are produced in various width-versions: 2, 3, 4 or 5 m. So you can assemble required width of driveway blocking by “modules” compilation. Blockers can be combined in any configuration (for example: 2+2, 2+3, 3+4+3 and so on).

Anti-rams, Hertz, Marseille airport

Connection can be parallel, as well as coherently.

Anti-rams, the headquarters of bbva, Spain

Connection scheme, possible distances from hydrostation(s) to anti-ram device(s), as well as speed of rising – are calculated by our engineers individually basing on project (or specification) from customer.

"Narrow" Cyclops anti-ram blocker – is a very good alternative to bollards. Unlike to them, it don’t requires significant depth of ground works. This anti-ram saves all best features and reliability of standard “wide” anti-ram, but takes even less space. Such blocker can be installed individually, or in groups. Also two blockers faced in opposite sides can be installed to protect both directions of possible attack.

Anti-ram   Anti-ran

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

Technical specs

Technical specs
Applying Anti-ram
Protection category К-4 - К-12
The actuating mechanism Hydraulic
Location of hydrostation In separately located box
Rising height, mm 600-1200
Dimensions in stand-by position (closed) (LxWxH) 2,3,4 and 5m х1558* mm х 178* mm
Weight, kg 825 (gor the model 2m width)
Width of blocked driveway Unlimited (standard – 2,3,4,5 m)
The maximum load per axe up to 12 tons
Rising time (lowering time), sec 6
   Rated capacity    For a 2m version: 220 V; 1,1 kV
   For a 3m version and more: 380 V; 4 kV
   Power consumption in the starting mode    For a 2m version: 4,5 kV
   For a 3m version and more: 13 kV
Installation Road surface submerge
Temperature conditions from -35˚C to +50˚C
   * for devices lower than K-12 class and blocking height 600 mm

Standard models

   Anti-ram blocker 300 mm К-8 Н-800    AUIA 320
   Anti-ram blocker 2 m К-8 Н-600    AUIA 322
   Anti-ram blocker 3 m К-8 Н-600    AUIA 323
   Anti-ram blocker 2 m К-12 Н-800    AUIA 332
   Anti-ram blocker 3 m К-12 Н-800)    AUIA 333

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