Access control and ticketing system

Access control and ticketing system is a perfect solution for the automation and control of access both paid or predetermined perfectly fitting needs of such facilities as: stadiums, museums, aqua parks, skiing resorts, parks, parking plots. With ticket payment systems next tasks are effectively solved:

  • Organization of ticket sales;
  • Setting different rates, routes and additional services;
  • Implementation of “club” systems and discounts;
  • Availability of customer personification;
  • Reports generation 24/7;
  • Online, cash desk or terminal payment or all-in-one payments;
  • Availability to customize the system to any specific objects and tasks.

The ticketing system consists of basic software and hardware:

  1. Compatible barriers: turnstiles, doors, gates, elevators, barriers, bollards, road blockers.
  2. Identification devices: barcode scanners, access cards readers, readers of identifiers imbedded in the special bracelets, etc.
  3. Service software modules:
    - Ticket sales module;
    - Administrator;
    - Configuration module;
    - Reports generator module;
  4. Database server (centralized storage of data).

Purpose of service software modules

“Ticket sales module” – allows processing the sale of tickets for cash, bank transfer or credit. It can be realized through cash desk, automatic payment terminal or via the Internet.
“Administrator” – allows to set rates and manage the services.
“Configuration module” – managing the software and hardware configuration of system.
“Reports generator module” – allows preparing different reports on system and user activities.

Thanks to system’s flexibility, our system can be customized for any task execution and to connection to any hardware.

The interaction of software and hardware modules of ticket-pass system

The interaction of software and hardware modules

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