Parking control system

parking system

The new product of our company is the parking control system. This is the type of control and ticketing system with defined function to organize the paid parking lots.

Our system has very serious functional properties, allowing to realize the options thet yet are not presented on the market. But it’s worth mentioning, that due to local development and usage of powerful base of the previously released systems, our system is much more affordable than the available analogs.

Our system can be used both for small private parking lots and networks all around the city. The possibility of full-automatic fee payment, as well as «manual» cash desk, is foreseen. Analogous to basic ticket-pass control system, our system allows to form reports, which simplifies control over staff of the parking lot.

The function of selling particular parking place is interesting as well. With special equipment the system registers whether the place is free or not, and directs the driver to the available parking place. Thus queueing on entry, as well as pointless wandering around, is avoided.

Automatic parking system is aimed to serve both individual and regular clients. At the same time, for the regular clients cash payment via automatic parking system is not provided.

By the need to provide paid access to the regular clients a fee system can be organised. The ticket validation time can be manually installed according to the paid fee. For the credit system scheme, ticket validation time is unlimited, but can be manually terminated if the credit of regular visitor has exceeded the maximum allowed.

When serving the individual visitors, the one-way parking ticket is the payment and control document for entance and departure. It’s obtained by the visitor on entrance parking terminal while entering the parking lot.

The parking fee is paid either at the provided casheer desk or with the help of automatic payment terminal. The second scheme involves entrance parking terminal where the paid ticket should be inserted.

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