Removable bollards "Apollo"

Removable bollards are the cheapest bollard type that can be removed by the need of freeing the driveway. This is a metal pipe with special fastening unit securely mounted (usually cemented) into the road surface or pavement. If it is needed, personnel can take off such bollards to organize free access in several seconds. For safety reasons, such bollard should be locked after its installation.

We have removable bollards of two diameters and heights, but we can produce bollards of other sizes on request.

Such bollards are not anti-ram and perform only fence function. Fastening unit can be mounted onto road or pavement, or with submerge (but even in such case it is not an anti-ram device).

Removable TiSO bollards – is the best and most affordable solution to organize pedestrian zone or parking near shopping centers, malls, office building etc.

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

Technical specs

Technical specs
Applying Parking
Height, mm 600 and 800 or other upon request
Diameter, mm 220 and 273 or other upon request
Weight, kg 23
Width of blocked driveway Unlimited
Installation On the roadbed or road surface submerge
Temperature conditions from -35˚C to +50˚C

Standard models

Removable parking bollard (Н-800, Ø220) AUIA 347

Additional information