Semi-automatic mechanical bollards

Semi-automatic mechanical bollards are the convenient and reliable solution for territory protection in case there’s no possibility to provide electricity for full-automatic bollards.

Semi-automatic bollards have gas spring that can be locked in lower position and rise rapidly in case unlocked.

Main advantage of these bollards is that there’s no need in electricity. They are full-autonomic, but require participation of the staff for opening the driveway. This bollard should be pushed down to lower position and locked.

Mechanical bollards has simple operating principle:
- to release it (move it up) you should just unlock special mechanism (lock) and bollard will rise up in operating position by itself (due to gas spring inside); ;
- to put such bollard down, you should make a pressure vertically on it and lock it in lower position.

When choosing this type of bollards it is important to remember that the above-mentioned advantages may appear as disadvantages in certain situations. For example, if it is necessary to consider whether there is a requirements of certain speed to get up / down (since unlike to hydraulic ones that can be controlled remotely, additionally to time it goes itself up / down, staff have also reach such bollard to unlock it manually).

Company "TiSO" offers mechanical bollards of two types: parking and anti-ram. The principle of operation is the same, but some design features differs, as well as dimensions and used materials.

Mechanical anti-ram bollard Mechanical parking bollard

Product specifications and complete sets may differ from that shown on the photo.

Technical specs

Technical specs
Applying Parking Anti-ram
The actuating mechanism Gas-spring (gas-lift)
Rising height, mm 600 and 800 800
Diameter of rising part, mm 220 273
Dimensions of underground box, WxHxL, mm 373х373х1070 473х473х1344
Weight, kg 212 254
Width of blocked driveway Unlimited
Rising time, sec 3 5
Installation Road surface submerge
Temperature conditions from -35˚C to +50˚C

Standard models

Semi-automatic anti-ram bollard К-8 (Н-800, Ø273) AUIA 343
Semi-automatic parking bollard (Н-600, Ø220) AUIA 346

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